Senior Power IC Design Engineer

Silanna is a successful high-technology global business with a broad focus on next-generation device technology.  We design and produce a family of Power Management IC’s including high efficiency power stages and controller point of load solutions supporting applications from enterprise servers to telecom, wireless charging, USB-PB, industrial DC/DC, AC/DC, power modules etc.

With teams in the US and throughout the Asia Pacific, we have a product portfolio that delivers key and advanced technology for sectors and end-use applications that include – consumer electronics, industrial electronics, and environmental technologies.

This is a role that will be part of the highly experienced and supportive technical team that encourages indicate, as well as collaborative ownership of roles, are solutions focused and continue to push the boundaries of device technology. They thrive on challenges and support each other in the development of the designs.

About the role:
The Senior Power IC Design Engineer will be responsible for designing analog and mixed-signal cells and at times leading the design of integrated POL, Multiphase and PMIC power management products. These products address the needs of consumer handheld, portable, server and telecom markets, and as such this candidate must have experience in the development of products intersecting one or several of these markets.

Whilst the role requires a suitable degree along with a strong foundation in IC analog design, the role provides an opportunity for the development of skills and knowledge in any areas that you may not be as strong in or have not yet been exposed to. The core competency of taking devices/products to commercialisation and an experienced level of analog, mixed-signal design and small-form electronic power circuits will be key to this role.

Role Expectations and Outcomes:

  • Participate in all aspects of the design cycle, including architecture development, transistor-level design, layout supervision, lab debugging and product characterization.
  • Research and development of state-of-the-art analog and mixed-signal products for selected markets.
  • Developing IP including but not limited to Buck Regulators, Boost Regulators, LDOs, Bandgaps, Voltage and Current References, Clocks, Bias circuitry, etc.
  • Process Selection, circuit design, system modelling, top level simulation, corner simulation, and design verification.
  • Provide guidelines to layout designers on circuit and full chip layout.
  • Author characterization and test plans for the IPs and Product.
  • Support Test engineers on products you lead.
  • Support of new product release and FA

Skills and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering or Microelectronic Engineering
  • Professional experience in analog and mixed-signal IC design of power management Voltage Regulator IC products for POL, Multiphase and PMIC architectures serving Server, Telecom, Portable and Handheld Markets.
  • Proven experience with high bandwidth error amplifier design and precision bandgap, and current balance/sensing design.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Analog/Digital Electronic Devices, Circuit Design Principles, and Experience in using Design/Analysis Tools.
  • Solid technical knowledge of semiconductor IC design including PMIC and POL voltage regulators. A self-motivated, driven, and passionate individual with a focus on results and meeting project schedules. In addition, other experience may cover ADC, DAC, op-amp, comparator, bandgap, LDO, voltage buffer etc design.
  • Strong knowledge of CMOS device physics and fabrication processes. Strong knowledge of analog integrated circuit fundamentals.
  • Experience in Analog, RF and Mixed Signal IC Designs as well as the general field of Microelectronics.
  • Strong knowledge of parasitic and noise analysis skills. Verilog/VHDL language and simulation verification experience is a plus Mixed-signal simulation, interfacing with analog functions – Fluent with Cadence design environment.
  • Must possess strong written and verbal communication skills.

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