Silanna UV

Silanna UV creates best-in-class UV technologies that are revolutionising hygiene management and the fight against superbugs.

Never has there been a greater recognition of the need to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses by effectively, efficiently and safely sterilizing the environments we live, work and play in.

Harnessing the power of innovative new materials that can deliver higher power at lower cost, Silanna UV LEDs enable a new approach to safely and comprehensively disinfecting air, water and surfaces across a wide variety of applications and industries.

Forefront of Technology

Silanna UV is a technology company at the very forefront of addressing this hygiene challenge through innovations that use the proven universal germicidal capabilities of ultra-violet (UV) radiation to quickly and easily disinfect air, water and surfaces.

Our technologies can address everything from reducing healthcare-acquired infections and food contamination to minimizing the transmission of diseases and removing micro pollutants from drinking water.

Driving Key Innovations

Silanna UV creates best-in-class UV LED technologies that are revolutionising the approach to large-scale disinfection and the fight against superbugs.

These technologies, including solutions that can be used safely even when people are present, are built on experience and intellectual property that combine advanced semiconductor processes, significant breakthroughs in materials science and deep expertise in semiconductor device manufacturing.

Leader In Our Field

Silanna UV has a commanding leadership position in solid state UV devices based on revolutionary new material systems.

This ensures the company is well-placed to provide the best technologies for today and to offer a roadmap that supports sustained technology leadership for the future.

Silanna has developed far UV-C light sources for water quality sensors, gas sensors, disinfection, and HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) applications.

Using an innovative approach, Silanna has commercialized UV LED technology which excels at shorter wavelengths from 230nm to 265nm. Silanna UV strives to create new possibilities in deep UV-C and far UV-C by expanding our unique technology offering.